Creation in the Whaythradian Tradition

Excerpts from the Ver’Aana

…The universe was infinite, formless and cold
Deeply cold
All sages acknowledge this simple fact

The Source of all warmth and light was born into the midst
And the void began to melt
All beings remember this in their hearts

Ages passed
And the void transformed into water
And the water of creation began to flow

This ebb and flow soon gave rise to a thought
Which begat life
Which begat shape and form

The Source, whose glorious name has been lost
Birthed children who lived in the inner reaches
Where her warm embrace was strong

The first child was named Whaythrad
And shone brightest of all the offspring

The second child was named Dys
And he too shone unspeakably bright

There were many other children

Athos, the great, fiery wolf
Ever faithful to Whaythrad
Most loyal of all beings

Enburmos, the volatile trickster
The first to tame the arcane forces

Earth, of two natures
Caught between the raging forces of good and evil
Shouldering the burden of preserving the balance

Imryna, lithe and beautiful
Who birthed the first mortal inhabitants of the universe
Giving to them song, dance and the arts

Hesiphon, stocky and strong
Who created the second race of mortals
Patron of metal-craft and stonework

Petraiya, the lover of Whaythrad
The most beautiful of all creatures
Mortal or immortal

Niwaren, the sad lover of Dys
Sister to Petraiya
Mourner for the dead and shepherd of parting souls…

…After some time, Dys and Enburmos became bored and created the human race to accompany the people of Imryna and Hesiphon on Earth.

But this new race proved to be imperfect, exhibiting the extremes of both good and evil in their actions.

A great war was started on Earth and the Source trembled…

Enburmos recognized his mistake and was poised to destroy his creations in fire.

But Dys, in rebellion, did not backdown, and was cast far from the others, reduced in stature and power, shamed.

As Enburmos was about to consume all creation, a song floated up to him from the Earth.

Imryna was singing quietly to herself and Enburmos, entranced by the beauty and simplicity of her melody, could not bring himself to complete his task.

It was then that Whaythrad stepped forth, with Athos and Petraiya at his side, to guide the people of Earth…

Creation in the Whaythradian Tradition

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