The Spider

The party gathers in the room with the locked door. Torgosh, Ta’kel and Spradlock count to three and simultaneously charge through the shabby barrier, sending splinters of rotting driftwood cascading out in all directions. Before anything can be discerned about the dimly lit interior of the passage ahead, there is a sudden cacophonous chorus of shrieks and chattering sounds as a massive swarm of bats comes swooping out of the opening. They disappear towards the cave entrance, and everyone silently prays that the Spirit is far away, for if Imryn Tarr is anywhere in the vicinity, their presence is now known.

Leaving Aramas in the previous room, they proceed carefully, followed by the hostages who are too afraid to remain behind, down a short hallway which bends to the right and opens into a small cave. Rhomack grabs a torch from the wall before entering, and holding it up in the dark, the group can see that there are two large pools of water on the opposite side, one to the right and one to the left. Aside from the water and a large accumulation of bat guano, the cave is empty.

Levna stays close to the middle of the group. Though she’s curious to see what might be in the depths, she has no desire to become dinner for some strange monster lurking under the surface.

Into the Pirate Hideout

Led by Ta’kel, the group files down the steep, treacherous path. After several minutes, they reach the bottom and are immediately confronted with a large cave opening into the bluff-side on their left. No more pirates have been spotted, so Ta’kel removes La’saan and looks about the cave entrance. The sand at their feet continues deep into the cave and the sunlight penetrates for some ways before failing towards the back. Many footprints can still be seen in the sand, left by the passage of many feet, to and from the cave. About 100 to 150 feet into the cave, the space is divided by a branch to the left and one to the right. On the left-hand side, there is a small body of water, perhaps a tide pool, but the exact depth or nature of it cannot be determined from this distance.

A Gathering in the Cold

Third Sunday of Inaware, 342nd year

Everyone is suddenly roused from slumber by a loud rapping. Ta’kel is the first to rise and after opening the door is confronted by Nynd and two or three other servants. She pushes a bucket of hot water into his hands, and another is provided for Levna who has just emerged from her room across the way.

“Quickly, wash up. The runner has come from Lord Atlroth and he says it’s urgent. It’s just before dawn and your meeting is to take place in mere moments. When you’re ready, the runner will be waiting for you just outside of the inn. It was a pleasure meeting all of you and may Whaythrad bless your journeys to come.”

Nynd smiles shyly, lingering for just a moment before leaving.

Arrival in Saltbur

Third Saturday of Inaware, 342nd year

The Sea Nymph glides through the late morning mist on the North Sea and saddles up to a battered, rotting dock. Before she is even properly tethered, Captain Spradlock Baddelharrow sends a runner up a footpath on a steep bluff overlooking the harbor while the rest work on securing the ship. Shortly, a mounted figure and a small retinue of soldiers are seen working their way towards the ship. The Captain climbs onto the dock and heads off to meet them.

Raid Aboard the Sea Nymph

For the most part, the journey to Saltbur has passed uneventfully. Ta’Kel and Darius, both new to ocean travel, took some time to get over their queasy stomachs, but Levna and Torgosh are old hands by now and thought nothing of it. Many days were spent together on the decks of the Sea Nymph and the group is starting to get to know each other quite well. The weather gradually cooled down as the boat sailed north, and by now the passengers and crew are bundling up to keep out the frosty winter air of the North Sea. Only Torgosh seems relatively warm, covered in a thick, natural blanket of fur, though even he guards himself against the cold with extra layers. Nearly three weeks have passed in this manner and Saltbur is almost in sight…

Toren by the Sea

Standing side-by-side on the dock beside a large, salt cured ship with the name “the Sea Nymph” carved into it’s prow, are two figures as different as complimentary colors. The one, a young, beautiful girl with jet black hair, and the other, a hairy half-hyena, half-man, barely suppressing his urge to pant and drool all over the place.

The crew of the ship bustles about preparing to depart once again, post-haste, and gulls cry as they wheel and turn overhead. At last, the storm has seemingly departed and great beams of sunlight break through the clouds overhead illuminating patches of the ground and sea.


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