Seafaring in the waters of Atharill


The ubiquitous boat design for intercity travel on Atharill is the Nylack. Dimensionally, Nylacks are a middle ground between the Caravel and the Galleon, usually measuring about 35 meters in length, with two masts about 8 meters high. As on the galleon, there are multiple decks and the height of the main deck from the water is about 15 feet. The average distance a Nylack makes on a full day sailing in good conditions is 72 miles. With 20 slots for oars in the cargo deck, the Nylack can be converted into a row boat when the wind dies down completely, though this cuts the speed by about two thirds. Nylack’s are most frequently constructed from Lahad Pine, a tree indigenous to Atharill. Wood cut from the forests of the Verormang foothills is particularly prized in Nylack construction.

Weather at Sea in Atharill

See Strage.

Notable Vessels

The Sea Nymph of Captain Spradlock Baddelharrow (Nylack)
The Spirit (Nylack)

Seafaring in the waters of Atharill

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