Races of Atharill

Human beings are by far the most widespread race on Atharill, inhabiting and controlling all of the major cities. Most have relatively light skin coloration, but some darker hues are found in the southern, tropical region of Ildrissor, where the native peoples of the island long ago mixed blood with the founders of the once great kingdom, who had travelled from distant lands.

Elves – See Scharr Elves

Half-Elves can still be found in Human society, but it should be noted that they descend from the elvish lineage that predates the separation of the Scharr elves from Atharillian society. The old line of elves was known as the Siwaren, and Scharr elves and Atharillian half-elves are their last surviving descendants. To distinguish them from the Scharr, half-elves are often referred to as Siwaren.

Dwarves also retreated from regular contact with humans, though diplomatically, they still send an emissary from time to time. Their capital cities lie deep within the mountains, and their locations are unknown to any outside of dwarven culture. In fact, the dwarves have done their best to conceal the entrances to any of their cities or tunnels. They can still be found, but very rarely, in the towns closest to the mountains, and this is always for a short visit (they do still maintain a fondness for ale, and like to sample the wares of the humans, though they are, of course, always determined to be inferior brews).

Gnomes and Halflings still live amidst the humans, though they are extremely rare, especially the former. Sharing a drink with a Gnome, one of the most common topics of conversation would be the difficulty of finding a mate, a point that they like to belabor endlessly.

Gnolls of the Ragthorn tribe are a small group of the hyena-like creatures that have incorporated themselves into human society in the Northland town of Saltbur.

Ryncha are small (about gnome or halfling size) bipedal humanoids. Their features are slightly lizard or dragon-like, though though they don’t sport scales of any sort, just smooth but leathery skin, with a faint bluish tint. Ryncha have small horns, tipped by a blue phosphorescent points… “a nasty breed of creature from the Kalph hills southeast of Saltbur.”

Races of Atharill

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