Moons, Planets and Stars

The Two Moons

There are two moons that orbit Atharill’s planet: Belaru and Ummos. Balaru is the smaller of the two, about one quarter the size of Ummos, and has a slightly yellow tint, while Ummos often appears to have bluish hue. Ummos’ period of revolution is twice as fast as Balaru’s.

While there is some fluctuation, generally Ummos begins the month new while Balaru is full. At the quarter, Balaru is new, and by the half month (there is a 2-3 day variance on the exact date each month), both moons are full simultaneously. At this point they are very close in the sky and conversely, at the start of the month they are at their farthest distances from each other. After the third quarter Balaru has a final new phase.

Because of it’s volatile nature, Balaru, the younger brother, is associated with the physical aspects. Ummos, the calm, elder sister, is associated with the intellect and wisdom.

Superstitious Atharillians consider the middle of the month (called the “double full” period), when both moons are brightest, to be the most dangerous time. People generally feel most at east when Balaru is new, after the first and third quarters.


There are 2-3 major solar eclipses (involving Ummos) each year, one of which is total. There are a similar number of major lunar eclipses and total lunar eclipses. Minor eclipses (involving Balaru) do happen but are not given much importance. Major eclipses are given tremendous importance. Lunar eclipses are feared by most, but considered an auspicious night for magic users. Solar eclipses are greatly feared by all. It’s not uncommon for major cities to completely shut down on the day of a solar eclipse.

The Sun

The large star, Athos, is the center of this solar system. The closest planet to Athos, Enburmos, orbits the star very narrowly, and often appears to be another small sun that frequently changes position in the sky.


There are 8 planets in the solar system. Enburmos, Whaythrad, Earth, Imryna, Hesiphon, Petraiya, Niwaren, and Dys, and they are listed in order of increasing distance from the sun. Imryna is the planet closest to earth. Enburmos, Whaythrad, Earth, Imryna and Dys are all small planets. Hesiphon, Petraiya and Niwaren are all large planets. All planets except Dys are visible to the naked eye, the latter being visible only with the aid of magnification.

The Constellations

Some notable constellations include: Nidrahat, Sabanis, Hakrak, the Archer, the Thief, The Warrior, and the Magician. More recently Vaelmryn, Rildenon, and Ildrissor have all been included in the starry pantheon by denizens of Atharill.

Constellations and Birth Stones by Month

Sular (The Mother, Black Opal)
Serrai (The Commander, Jacinth)
Shyon (The Sea Serpent, Fire Opal)
Sayorr (The Trickster, Star Ruby)
Hamnide (The Dragon, Star Sapphire)
Hadry (The Scholar, Opal)
Masrin (The Lone Warrior, Pearl)
Calile (The Marksman, Garnet)
Levulin (The Spiritual Guide, Ruby)
Ferid (The Traveler, Aquamarine)
Daund (The Wind, Topaz)
Ingahe (The Griffon, Diamond)
Inter (The Feral Beast, Peridot)
Inaware (The Holy Knight, Emerald)
Iss (The Guardian of Nature, Oriental Amethyst)
Irai (The Magician, Sapphire)

Moons, Planets and Stars

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