Levna's Notes

Levna’s notes:

Netherworld Lore

Levna is currently studying the Nal’kim to learn about the netherworld. She started 3rd Wednesday of Iss, 342nd year. Her first check will be 3rd Wednesday of Sular, 343rd year (2 months of study).

Inscription on nook in side of hill

“Lying within
Neither dead nor alive
Waiting for one
Bound to the cycle of seasons
To the revolution of years

If your days are numbered
Surely, you must count
Your blessings"

Scroll found in nook

“Here I lay my trusted helm to rest
Til I return someday in need
Or one more worthy than I
Dons it in the name of brave Vaelmryn

I go now to seek a cure
For that which is incurable
With fading mind
It is my only hope
My only chance of salvation
Else I succumb completely
To the madness caused
By a love lost forever…"

Inscription in ryncha cave

…The lady fell and on that hill
The evil one performed her rite
From fairest breast cut out the heart
And raised it to the ghostly light…

Levna's Notes

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