Distances and Travel

Atharill is 1,500 miles across at it’s widest latitudinal point (New Ashtorhat to Perhinelm). At it’s longest longitudinal point (Daradhat to Saltbur) it is 1,750 miles long. Some travel times between the major cities are given below, not accounting for any terrain difficulties (like the delta between Daradhat and the rest of the island).

By land (based on an unforced, mounted daily rate of 30 miles)

Saltbur to Perhinelm = 21 days
Saltbur to New Ashtorhat = 42 days
Perhinelm to Daradhat = 48 days
New Ashtorhat to Daradhat = 42 days
Perhinelm to Atharill via the Navesril Pass = 25 days

By sea (based on a sailing speed of 3 miles / hour, or 72 miles / day, and favorable conditions)

Saltbur to Perhinelm = 9 days
Saltbur to New Ashtorhat = 22 days
Perhinelm to Daradhat = 20 days
New Ashtorhat to Daradhat = 17 days

Distances and Travel

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