Climate and Geography of Atharill

Climate and geography of Atharill

The western region of Atharill is known as Vaelmryn, the capitol being Perhinelm. This area is predominantly comprised of rocky, costal flatlands, salt marshes, tide pools, and small rivers. Moving inland, mixed deciduous and evergreen forests are found amidst the rocky foothills of the Reithpol Mountains (the western range of mountains on Atharil). Southeast of Perhinelm lies the Navesril pass, the only opening in the circular mountain range, that divides the Reithpol range from the Verormang range in the east.

The north side of the island-continent consists of a largely lawless tract of land with many small towns, who’s ownership is often in dispute. Saltbur is a principle port town in these so called Northlands, and is often a stopover point for travelers to and from Perhinelm and New Ashtorhat. The geography of the Northlands is similar to that of Valemryn and Rildenon, but the inhabitants see considerably more snowfall in the winter season. Some in this region have developed a pirate or viking-like way of life, due to the scarcity of resources.

In the east lies the land of Rildenon. In many ways similar to the Vaelmryn region, Rildenon differs in having quite a bit more pastureland than any other region on Atharill, making it the most prosperous and well provisioned place on the continent. At high altitudes in the Verormang rang in Rildenon lies the only desert on Atharill.

To the south lies the delta formed by the tainted river Lifroth. This region extends for some ways before transitioning to a tropical climate. On a large chunk of land, sometimes considered to be a separate island, and situated deep within the rainforest, lies the scholarly city of Daradhat, capitol of Ildrissor.

Three seas surround Atharill, the North Sea, the Irim Sea to the west, and the Loryl Sea to the East.

Climate and Geography of Atharill

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