See Niemine’s Spellbook

Niemine was an apprentice to Honsultan who became obsessed with the concept of harnessing the power of malevolent spirits and demons. She discovered several tomes of occult lore amidst Honsultan’s things, and uncovered some sacrificial techniques to accomplish her goals. She worked her way into the seedy underworld of Saltbur and ended up making the acquaintance of Nydynroth, an ex-priest of Whaythrad who was long ago corrupted by the cult of Dys and was waiting for an opportunity to revive the cult in the region. Together, they gathered allies, including Vardor Iburer, a soldier for Atlroth. Initially charmed magically, this developed into a passionate affair with Niemine. Both became increasingly corrupt and power hungry, while continually escalating their lust for each other. Schos and Rilarak were bandits who made allies with the others for personal gain. They were the ones who informed about the location of the ryncha Den. The group named itself the Dark Tide of Dys and performed horrific sacrifices, some of which enabled the enslavement of the wind demon, Nal’Umin, within the Abyssal Skull, and the enslavement of the Kog ryncha.



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