Kindra Mylinder


Name: Kindra Mylinder
Gender: Female
Race: Half-elf (looking 2/3 elven)
Alignment: Chaotic Neutral due to piratic past (trying to shift to Neutral Good)
Level: 1
XP: 767
Next lvl: 1250

hp: 6

AC: 6 (8 Ta’kel’s light leather -2 Dex)

THAC0: 20

STR 13 Hit 0, Dmg 0, Allow 45 lbs, Max 140 lbs, open doors 7, BB/LG 4%
DEX 16 Surprise+1, Missile+1, Defense -2
CON (current) 11 Hp 0, SShock 75%, Res 80%, Poison 0, Regen Nil (initial 12)
INT 12 Add profs 3, Spell lvl 6th, learn spell 50%, Max#spells 7, immunity Nil
WIS 9 MagDef 0, Bonus spells 0, spell failure 20%, Immunity Nil
CHA 10 Hench 4, Loyalty 0, Reaction 0

30% resistance to sleep and charm – related spells.
Infravision up to 60 feet in darkness.
Merely passing within 10 feet of a concealed door (one hidden by obstructing curtains, etc.) gives the half-elven character a one-in-six chance (roll a 1 on 1d6) of spotting it. If the character is actively seeking to discover hidden doors, he has a one-in-three chance (roll a 1 or 2 on 1d6) of spotting a secret door (one constructed to be undetectable) and a one-in-two chance (roll a 1, 2, or 3 on 1d6) of locating a concealed door.


Scimitar (half penalty to long or broad swords)

Blind fighting N/A N/A (2 slots)
Jumping Str 0
Rope use Dex 0
Direction Sense Wis +1
Fishing Wis -1


Skill Base Skill Race Dex Armor Other Net
Pick Pockets 15 - +10 - - - +25
Open Locks 10 +15 - +5 - - +30
Find Traps 5 +5 - - - - +10
Move Silently 10 +10 - - - - +20
Hide in Shadows 5 +10 +5 - - - +20
Detect Noise 15 +10 - - - - +25
Climb Walls 60 +10 - - - - +70
Read Languages 0 - - - - - 0

Backstab Multiplier x2

Movement 12



Kindra was born and brought up in the piratic island of Bon’n’skal, hidden far out in the North Sea. Soon after entering the first years of adulthood, she joined her cousin Diogen Mylinder in his adventures as a pirate, raiding cargo ships and coastal areas. During her life on board and in the pirate city she found joy in thieving and began to master the art of it. Eventually, Diogen and Kindra were accepted as crew members on an infamous ship, the Spirit, captained by the nefarious Imryn Tarr. For some time, things went well, until Kindra began to notice sinister and unnatural occurrences on board, ultimately coming to the realization that Tarr was cooperating with those attempting to harness demonic and necromantic arts. Kindra and Diogen decided to jump ship, but were caught in the act of escape. In a brutal act of cruelty that Kindra will never forget, Tarr murdered Diogen with his own hands. For Kindra, he had other plans, and instead gave her into the custody of Vardor Iburer, a dark figure running a secret organization with unknown motives in the Kalph hills of the Northlands. As a captive, she witnessed the sacrifice of many ryncha, an indigenous species of small, reptilian humanoids with strange blue-veined bio-luminescence. These creatures had apparently been enslaved by Iburer by magical means and were used to fuel his dark rites.

On the day of the double full moon of Iss, Vardor and his consort entered into a ritualistic state, sacrificing several helpless creatures and painting arcane symbols on the walls of the central chamber with their blood. With the rising sound of chanting, Kindra became desperate and fearing for her own life, decided it was time to risk picking the lock on her cell. Quietly, she withdrew the tiny pick she had hidden in her undergarments and slowly worked the simple mechanism open. Waiting for a moment when the ritual was at it’s peak, and the trance deepest, she slipped carefully into the shadows and skirted the edge of the chamber. With her heart palpitating in fear, she made her way out into the small cave and climbed the ladder to the upper level. After several terrifying, near run-ins with ryncha guards in the cramped tunnels, she finally found herself amidst the snowy Kalph hills in the icy cold of a Northlands winter, without a clue as to how she would survive this ordeal…

Kindra Mylinder

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