Captain Spradlock Baddelharrow

Captain of the Sea Nymph


Spradlock Baddelharrow is the charismatic captain of the Sea Nymph. He is lanky and lean, standing over 6’ tall and wears worn leather garments died various shades of faded blue and green. A few yellow scarves and patches protrude from his garments randomly, creating the illusion that he is some sort of tropical, coral dwelling fish. He has apparently had some experience as a whaler, because a long, jagged harpoon is slung across his back along with a salt encrusted wooden buckler. His hair, knotted and almost approaching the point of dreadlocks, is tied back with a loose knot. Though he means business and is taken seriously by his men, there is a friendly look to his weathered, sun cured face and he is not afraid to share a song, drink and a good story with his comrades below deck.

The crimson and purple and pink hued parrot often found flitting around the decks of the Sea Nymph is Spradlock’s pet, Odra. Odra belongs to a species of bird native to eastern Ildrissor. Though she cannot imitate human speech, she is very vocal, with hundreds of different chirps, warbles and whistles. If there is ever trouble on the Sea Nymph, she knows just where to hide until it’s over.

Captain Spradlock Baddelharrow

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